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Interior Design
We have built a small team of experienced specialised interior designers under the Decorative Values umbrella where we champion natural light and electric lighting as our first steps to set the atmosphere of all interiors from the moment you first wake, throughout the day, and into the evening. We adopt your ideas and your requirements and add the artistic ingredients to bring together your interior as a work of art that has a playful side. We begin adding colour and texture to create the desired ambiance, leaving simple structural elements exposed, using natural materials throughout and working when possible with the building, looking for it's inherent beauty thus retaining the buildings integrity not hiding it but using it as part of the foundation to the interior scheme.
We believe a truly successful interior is built around the tastes and the lifestyles of our clients, how they interact with and how they move around their home.

Our strength is in sourcing, decorative and artistic antiques, original and unique pieces, fine works of art with a strong connection to nature. The fireplace is always the focal point and must be the first piece to consider or restore to give the heart to a room. We create bright and airy, vibrant interiors, keeping a particular theme a relationship throughout that threads it all together or we can mix it up a little by carefully selecting artistic antiques which work harmoniously with mid century modern and contemporary art to create a calm yet playful interior, we want it to be an extension of it's owners and their lifestyles. For further information please send us a brief email about your project, and we can make an appointment for you to pop into our showrooms to see our extensive stock, or feel free call us at anytime on the numbers below.
Regards Tony

We are working closely with Jonathan Kennedy an old friend of Neil's, owner and Managing Director of 'Acquisitions of London' the premier antique and reproduction fireplace company in the UK and now a very close friend of mine. I must say, when I first met Jonathan last year at his extensive showrooms not a stones throw from the Arches, I was very impressed. When it comes to choosing the right fireplace, Jonathan and the Acquisitions team, from start to finish offer a complete supply and installation service. Founded in 1974, Acquisitions began life as an architectural antique business, but soon specialised in rescuing beautiful antique fireplaces that had been evicted from their homes in the name of fashion. Jonathan told me' As suitable originals became scarcer, we set out the task of replicating original fireplaces and are proud to lead the way in restoring the period mantelpiece to its rightful place in the British public's consciousness' But Acquisitions are much more than that, they are so meticulous about recreating fireplaces from the Georgian and the Victorian periods, right up to modern day where they passionately embrace traditional skills, authentic techniques and the very best quality materials, from marble to cast-iron. With each and every surround being handcrafted by artisan craftsmen, Acquisitions' level of skill and eye for detail is unrivalled. A quick glance at their client list includes addresses such as Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. Their extensive experience working with important listed buildings around the country, sets the tone for their renowned service and flawless design and finish.
Please do mention us as Jonathan has kindly offered a discounted rate for all Puritan and Decorative Values clients. For further information please contact :-
Acquisitions Fireplaces. Acquisitions House. 24-26 Holmes Road. London. NW5 3AB
Email: Tel: 020 7482 2949 Web:

We look forward to seeing old faces and welcoming new 'Underneath The Arches, In Old Camden Town' in the very near future.

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